2017 Alaska Bald Eagle Photography Tour – $300 discount

If you like Bald Eagles and dream to capture outstanding fishing and flying photographs, check out my 2017 Alaska Bald Eagles photography tour! I am now offering a $300 discount, making this exceptional tour one of the most affordable at this unique location. The action takes place in a fishing town, where the eagles are very used to picking up scraps from the fishermen nets. This creates a unique scenario for bird photographers:

Alaska Bald Eagle fishing - Photography Tour

It is truly amazing to have the opportunity to create action photographs of what Bald Eagles do best: fishing! Bird photography is all about being at the right place, at the right time. This is exactly where I will take you in 2017 to create an amazing Bald Eagle portfolio!

Bald Eagle banking in flight - Alaska Photography workshop

The timing was chosen to increase our chances for snow in the background. With the climate warming up, it becomes more and more difficult to narrow the best time. For instance, the last two months of March have had very little snow falls. The very end of January / early February will maximize our chances!

Alaska Bald eagle in flight - photography tour

Believe it or not, but the Bald Eagles come very near the fishing boats and it is possible to create breathtaking action photographs with lenses in the 200-400mm range. This means, that a simple 70-200mm would work quite nicely and there is no need to have the most expensive equipment such as 500mm and 600mm to do very well during this tour!

Alaska Bald Eagle photography tour – now $3600

February 13th-17th 2017 / limit 5 people – 2 open

Note that there is a $300 price reduction here (from $3900 to $3600), making this tour quite competitive given the location and the service! The very best Bald Eagle tour hands down! 10 boat rides across 5 full days. Contact me at steven.blandin@gmail.com for questions and reservations. $1,000 refundable deposit to book your spot.

Alaska Bald Eagles photography tour

Florida Spoonbills photography tour – $1150

March 25th-26th 2017 / limit 6 people – 1 open

3 boat rides to the Spoonbill rookery and 2 working lunch sessions with lunch included. Contact me at steven.blandin@gmail.com

Florida Spoonbill photography tour

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