The 5D Mark III now autofocuses with the 2X!

The photograph below is a Sally Lightfoot Crab.

Sally lightfoot Crab - Galapagos

Sally Lightfoot Crab posing on a lava rock landing in Santa Cruz – Galapagos.

ISO 1000 | f/6.3 | 1/250 | Manual Mode w/ evaluative metering 0 EV | AI servo focus

This photograph was created with the Canon 600mm f/4 L IS II USM lens and the Canon EOS 5D mark III handheld. Have a look at the equipment I typically carry with me.

YES! The new firmware update arrived for the Canon 5D Mark III. The main improvement is now the possibility of autofocusing at f/8 instead of f/5.6 only. This means that a lens with a maximum aperture of f/4 can now be combined with the 2X teleconverter and keep the autofocus with the central censor. This feature was previously only available for 1D bodys. Thank you Canon!

Go ahead and download the new 5D Mark III firmware update to benefit from this significant upgrade. Once the .FIR file is downloaded on your computer, save it on your compact flash by using a card reader. Put the card in your camera, go to the wrench symbol menu (4th yellow), then Firmware Ver.

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  1. Glad you birders got f/8 focusing. I seem to remember Arthur Morris mentioning that he found a trick or was able to focus at f/8 with his 5D Mark III even before the latest firmware. Or maybe I am just remembering wrong.

    • Indeed! What a great news. Artie had found a way around with a different type of teleconverter, and only combined with the 1DX. No other brand is going to equal Canon’s quality, while being compatible with Canon 🙂


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